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Answering Service

Answering Innovations offers a wide variety of answering services, each of which can be customized to meet your needs.

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Answering Service for Funeral Homes, Plumbers, Lawyers, HVAC, Healthcare, Property Management, Small Businesses & more.

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Plans & Pricing

A team of live answering service agents available 24/7 for your business. A limited-time promotion is available

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Telephone Answering Service Plans & Pricing

Answering Service & Virtual Receptionist Service Packages
***For a limited time, save 25% off the base rate of your first bill! To take advantage of this offer, mention our "ENDYEAR25" promotion to our sales staff or sign up in 5-10 minutes with our online application (enter ENDYEAR25 in the "How did you hear about Answering Innovations?" field on page 5). Your discount will be credited on your first bill. Regular pricing resumes on your second invoice. Offer expires Monday, December 31, 2018.***

Answering services include live, 24/7 telephone answering coverage, message taking, and message dispatching. The packages listed below represent rates for our answering service division. If your calls last longer than 5 minutes, inquire about our call center pricing.

*Overage is $0.95 per minute; one-time $50 setup fee
**Billing cycle is every 4 weeks

Higher plans?
Yes, higher plans are available. Call 800-777-1564 or request our volume rates on the contact us form below.

Every telephone answering service package includes:
  • 24/7 live telephone answering service coverage
  • Free 800 call forwarding number (Continental U.S. Only)
  • Free 800 check-in number
  • Free message delivery via email or text messaging
  • Free text messaging with confirmation
  • Free Premium access to IT support for standard reports
  • Free On-call scheduling

Optional features: Auto Attendant, Fax Reports, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), miSecureMessages: Secure Messaging App or Contact Web ($6/device per billing cycle).

miSecureMessages Secure Messaging Answering Service App

Inbound Call Center Service Packages Starting At $500/mo
Select Outbound Call Center Services

More dedicated services, such as customer service, technical support, and order taking, fall under the umbrella of our call center services. If you require a dedicated agent environment with specialized training, or your calls last longer than 5 minutes, please contact us and/or call 800-777-1564 for a customized call center quote.  Call center services start at $500/mo.

Emergency Elevator Phone Monitoring Rates

Emergency elevator phone monitoring starts at $25 per month per phone. Download our emergency elevator phone monitoring rate sheet. Fill out the form below or call 800-777-1564 for more information.

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