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Answering Innovations offers a wide variety of answering services, each of which can be customized to meet your needs.

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Answering Service for Funeral Homes, Plumbers, Lawyers, HVAC, Healthcare, Property Management, Small Businesses & more.

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A team of live answering service agents available 24/7 for your business.

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Answering Service Industries

How Our Answering Service and Call Center Help Businesses In Your Industry

From small businesses to fortune 500 companies, a wide variety of businesses take advantage of Answering Innovations' live telephone answering service and call center services. We can develop a customized solution for any industry, but some of the most common industries that use our telephone answering service, virtual receptionist service, and inbound call center service are listed below:

Medical answering service for doctors, physicians, dentists, and a wide variety of healthcare professionals.

Missed calls and voicemail are unacceptable options when patients call. For this reason, our HIPAA-compliant medical answering service is available 24/7 for counselors, doctors, dentists, pharmacies, physicians, psychologists, clinics, hospice facilities, and other healthcare professionals. Free on-call scheduling, after hours telephone coverage, automated services, and secure messaging make our medical answering service an ideal solution for any medical facility. Healthcare professionals rely on Answering Innovations every day for prompt answering and urgent dispatching in life or death situations.

Funeral home answering service
Funeral Home / Death Care
Funeral homes, cremation services

A large number of funeral directors trust the Answering Innovations funeral home answering service to answer death calls, gather information about the deceased, and take messages from family members with sensitivity and calm reassurance. Our empathetic agents are specially trained in funeral service terminology. Funeral home answering service frees time up from the hectic director’s schedule.

Small business answering service and customized call center solutions.
Small Business

Small businesses of all types use our small business answering service for basic message taking, virtual receptionist service, message dispatching, and a variety of other answering services. Instead of paying over $30,000 for a receptionist, small businesses count on Answering Innovations as a cost-effective, versatile, and seamless extension of their front offices.

A legal answering service saves time for lawyers and attorneys and ensures they never miss a client's call.
Corporate Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, Personal Injury Law

Our legal answering service processes hundreds of calls for attorneys every day answering client calls whenever lawyers are busy, whether they are in a courtroom, already on the phone, or out for the night. Attorneys also use our virtual receptionist service to weed out unwanted calls to save time and money.

Our HVAC answering service and contractors answering service answer calls twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
HVAC, Roofing, Electrical, General & more

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning businesses improve customer service levels by trusting our professional HVAC answering service to field calls when their customers need immediate assistance. You only get one chance when a call comes in or your prospect becomes another business’s customer. Our contractors answering service ensures every call is answered—and every customer satisfied—for electricians, roofers, elevator technicians, mechanical contractors, landscaping services, pest control companies, sewer and septic services, plumbers, tree services, general contractors, and others in the service industry.

Plumbing companies use our plumbers answering service because emergencies don't always fit into a 9 to 5 schedule.

Plumbing businesses and plumbing contractors use our plumbers answering service to answer every customer call promptly and professionally, dispatching urgent messages to on-call personnel when protocol dictates. Plumbing emergencies don’t always fit into a convenient 9 to 5 schedule, which is why our plumbing answering service is available 24/7 on weekdays, weekends, holidays and during the daytime or after hours—whenever disaster strikes.

DVMs at pet clinics use our Veterinary answering service to take office calls and dispatch emergencies -- daytime or after hours.

Since missed calls are not an option on life or death calls, many DVMs at animal clinics and hospitals trust our veterinary answering service to promptly and sensitively answer emergency calls from often frantic pet owners calling in when their pets need help. Whether a beloved animal is sick, injured, has consumed a toxic substance, or simply needs a check-up, professional answering service operators are available 24/7 to take messages, and dispatch urgent calls.

Capture every online order with a 24/7 e-commerce answering service

E-Commerce businesses rely on our order taking call center service to capitalize on every call, letting our courteous order entry specialists upsell and cross-sell products and services to maximize sales and increase revenue. E-commerce companies choose Answering Innovations to greet callers and answer questions about products, services, and shipping. When an online shopper has questions about a purchase in the middle of the night, our 24/7 answering service is ready to close the sale.

Banks, lending professionals, those in the finance and insurance industries rely on a financal answering service to build trust for their customers while saving them time and money.
Finance / Insurance
Banks, Lending Professionals, Insurance Brokers, Claims Adjusters

For banks, mortgage lenders, and other financial institutions these days, trust can be a scare commodity. That’s why financial institutions leverage the personal touch and exemplary customer service provided by our financial answering service. Accounting firms, claims adjusters, insurance brokers, and others offer customers exceptional service—and peace of mind—by using our around-the-clock telephone answering service to field questions, take and dispatch messages, and be there whenever their customers call.

Our property management answering service captures every inbound call, dispatches urgent messages to property managers and showing requests to realtors.
Real Estate
Property management, Construction, Investment, Development, Brokerage

Property managers for apartments, condominiums, senior homes, student housing, and more choose our property management answering service to answer many types of calls, from office calls to emergencies—no electricity, break-ins, no heating and air conditioning, appliance malfunction, pipe breaks, etc.—which can be dispatched via text message, warm transfer, or any way desired. Real estate agencies rely on our 24/7 availability so realtors and homebuyers can call at any time to schedule property showings. Agents will never miss another call when commission is on the line.

Use a direct response answering service to scale up as your marketing campaigns lift off.
Marketing & Media

When businesses conduct direct response advertising campaigns, they depend on our direct response answering service to withstand even the highest surge of incoming calls. Small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike invest a substantial amount of time and money on direct response campaigns but come fully prepared to capitalize on every lead generated when they partner with our 24/7 inbound call center.

U.S. based agents act as tier 1 support for companies in the IT industry.
Information Technology (IT)
IT Services, Help Desk, Manufacturing, Software Providers, Technical Support

When frustrated customers call in with questions, technology companies nationwide rely our inbound call center’s help desk service to serve as their tier one level of customer support. Answering tech support inquiries and providing initial troubleshooting based on a customized protocol, our 24/7 technical support answering service is always available to serve your customers.

Treat your guests to excellent customer service by using a hospitality answering service.
Hotels, Spas, Concierge

Vacationers pay a pretty penny and rightfully demand exceptional service when visiting hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, spas, and other businesses in the hospitality industry. Our hospitality answering service operators are expertly trained to promptly and courteously answer questions your guests have about services or rates. Spend your time pleasing guests while the call answering experts manage the phones.

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No matter the industry, Answering Innovations can build a customized call answering solution tailored specially for your business. Let us answer your overflow, your after hours calls, or be a full-time extension of your front office. Find out why we are known as “The Perfect Answer” by filling out the contact form below or by calling 800-777-1564 today.

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