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An After Hours Answering Service keeps you open for business after hours
Services - After Hours Answering Service

After Hours Answering Service

24/7 Live Phone Answering

As an after hours answering service, Answering Innovations operates 24/7 and gives you the capability of keeping the lines of communication open around the clock. Ditch the voice mail, eliminate needless hang ups, and extend your business hours to ensure your callers always hear a "live" voice no matter when they need you. That's customer service! We'll gather the caller's name, phone number, and promptly deliver the message to you or the on-call staff via email, text message, or phone call depending on the level of urgency.

More than just an after hours telephone answering service, Answering Innovations is also open on weekends and holidays. No extra cost! Any time you need us, our award-winning operators will answer for you. We’re there as a seamless extension of your business 24/7—and you don’t have to pay us overtime, benefits, or any of the other costs you'd incur with a traditional receptionist.

Why Choose an After Hours Telephone Answering Service?

Some things can't wait untill tomorrow. Enjoy peace of mind knowing when your callers have an urgent matter, we are always here to answer and dispatch the call to you or your on-call staff. After hours message taking and dispatching is critical for medical offices, HVAC and plumbing services, property managers, and many other industries.

Choose a live answering service so your current (or future!) customers never dial your number only to reach voicemail. When presented with this impersonal service, a customer might leave a message or, just as likely, decide to move on to the next service, one that is always available.

If you miss calls after office hours, or need to improve customer relations with 24/7 availability, our after hours telephone answering and message dispatching service is the perfect solution for you.

Key Benefits of an After Hours Answering Service
Never Miss Another Call:
If you miss calls after hours because none of your staff is available to answer the phone, you are missing opportunities to grow your business. Our answering service operators are available to answer telephone calls 24x7x365, even after hours. When you can’t answer the phone, we will answer for you.
A Live Voice is Always Superior to Voicemail
When callers reach your voicemail, you have lost an opportunity to make a good impression on existing clients; convert, upsell or cross-sell prospects; as well as a chance to connect with customers and grow your business. Don’t let your calls go to voicemail. Worse, don’t let incoming calls go unanswered. Choose an answering service to live answer all of your after-hours phone calls.
Reduce Hold Times & Abandonment Rates:
The last thing your customers want is to be put on hold. Protracted hold times damage your brand and frustrate customers. Let us help you eliminate lengthy hold times and reduce the risk that your customers hang up—and take their business elsewhere.
Grow Your Business:
Choose an after hours answering service to answer your calls so that you never miss another inbound call or opportunity to generate sales—even after hours. By being there for your customers at all hours of the day, on weekdays, weekends, and holidays, our answering service will help you capture every single sales opportunity.
Save Money:
Instead of hiring and paying benefits for a receptionist to handle your overnight calls or relying on voicemail (and the patience of your customer), consider our answering service to answer your phone calls. Scale up the smart way as your business grows and choose an answering service.
Build your brand:
Answering Innovations operators will promptly answer your customers’ calls with a personalized greeting. As a 24/7 live call telephone answering service, we are ready to act as an extension of your office every hour of every day. By answering every call in a consistently professional manner, your business will project a winning image sure to impress your customers and strengthen your brand.

About Our After Hours Answering Service

Answering Innovations offers professional and customizable live telephone answering services and call center solutions. Our telephone answering service is large enough to service accounts of all sizes and small enough to cater to your every need. As your virtual receptionist, we are a 24/7 live telephone answering service that is always available for your business customers whenever you can't answer your phone. No matter what your needs ... if it involves the telephone, we can do it.

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