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Pest Control Answering Service

Pest control answering serviceConsidering few people enjoy ants, spiders, centipedes, rodents, termites, beetles, bees, and other pests invading their homes or properties, time is of the essence when your pest control business receives a phone call. If you don’t answer fast enough or, worse, let a call go to voicemail, that potential customer is going to call the next pest control company or exterminator on the list. Most people won’t leave a message on voicemail under normal circumstances, let alone if their living rooms look like a scene out of Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Answering Innovations provides award-winning, nationwide pest control answering service. Whether you require overflow answering service during busy hours, after-hours answering service to ensure immediate handling of all emergencies even when your business is closed, or round-the-clock call answering coverage, we will answer every single call swiftly and professionally.

In business since 1977, Answering Innovations is the right choice for residential, commercial, and industrial pest control services. Let us answer for you!

Your Front Office In The Cloud

Your virtual receptionist for pest control businessesVirtual receptionists are available 24/7 to act as an extension of your front office. These experienced and expertly trained answering service agents take calls, deliver routine messages by email or text message, and deliver emergency messages to you following a customized protocol that works best for your pest control business, which typically entails making outbound calls to your on-call personnel or exterminators. We provide a free web-based on-call scheduling solution that lets you notify us, in real time, who is on call when your customers need immediate service.

Services our pest control answering service can provide your business:
  • Any time you need us, we will answer your phones with live, accent-neutral agents. We answer the telephone in the name of your pest control company—as if we were right in your front office.
  • Virtual receptionists take messages and deliver them to you in the way that best suits your business.
  • Agents immediately dispatch urgent messages to your on-call personnel. You decide what constitutes an "urgent" call and how the call should be handled. We always follow your protocol.

Key Benefits of Using a Pest Control Answering Service

Answer Every Call:
Answering Innovations is available 24/7 to answer your phones so you will never miss another call. After hours, weekends, holidays—we will answer the phones whenever you need us to.
Increase Sales:
When you answer every call you won’t miss out on opportunities to acquire new business and boost the bottom line. Maximize sales for your pest control business by utilizing a call center with more than three decades of experience helping businesses grow.
Increase Customer Satisfaction:
Fast response time and award-winning service levels will increase customer satisfaction and foster repeat customers, the lifeblood of any growing business.
Reduce Expenses:
Costs add up fast when you hire a traditional receptionist to manage your telephone answering. With an answering service you receive 24/7 coverage without having to worry about tardiness, sick days, holidays, or exorbitant salaries and benefits. Our virtual receptionist service gives your pest control business the perfect answer every time at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.
Be Scalable:
Our answering service scales up along with your pest control company. No matter how many calls you receive, Answering Innovations has your phones covered, and keeps your customers satisfied, 24x7x365.

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