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Answering Service Industries - Medical Answering Service

24/7 Live Medical Answering Service for Healthcare Professionals

Our medical answering service virtual receptionists answer live calls for doctors, dentists, and many other health professionals

Answering Innovations offers fully HIPAA-compliant live medical answering services for many types of health organizations. Our medical answering service operators answer live telephone calls for doctors, psychologists, counselors, dentists, crisis support services, hospice centers, small medical centers, and large hospitals—to name a few. Our live call center operators are expertly trained in the medical messaging field and have vast experience answering medical calls, taking messages, and, when appropriate, dispatching to your on-call staff based on your customized protocol.

Instead of adding to your staff and payroll, let the Answering Innovations medical answering service serve as an extension of your office. Since we will work closely with you as partners to customize your greeting and call script flow, patients calling in won’t even realize they are speaking to an answering service. We become a part of your team—but you don’t have to pay us benefits.

  • Avoid unnecessary staffing costs
  • 24/7 live telephone answering and dispatching
  • All operators are based in the U.S.
  • We'll screen calls and free up your staff
Medical Answering Service Key Benefits
Why choose an inbound medical answering service for your office?
Reduce Staffing Costs:
Imagine having professionally trained medical answering service operators available around the clock to answer phones and take messages for less than $0.20/hr. Compare this to the steep cost of paying salary and benefits for a traditional receptionist who will take breaks, require sick time, and won’t be available 24x7. Medical answering service is a valuable, cost-effective solution your medical practice needs.
Prompt, Live Telephone Answering:
Agents will live answer all inbound calls with a greeting customized specially for your medical practice. From the patient’s perspective, prompt answering by a real person trumps voicemail every time. It shows you care. Contact us today to experience first-hand how having calls answered by professional medical answering service operators can be a valuable service for your medical office.
Time Savings:
Medical answering service agents will screen all calls, filtering out wrong numbers and low priority calls, so your medical staff will only deal with the calls that really matter.
Reduce No-Shows:
Use our appointment reminder service to reduce no shows and improve the efficiency of your medical staff. No-shows are bad for business. Use our online appointment scheduling software to automatically send email reminders or use Interactive Voice Response (IVR), part of our automated services package, to send out automatic reminder phone calls.
Always Available:
Virtual receptionists at our medical answering service are available to live answer phone calls whenever your medical facility needs them. If you have staff answering phones already, we can handle overflow when your receptionists receive a surge in call volume. Available 24x7x365, we can handle your after hours, weekend, and holiday coverage, extending the hours of your medical office. We can also be your full-time medical answering service.
HIPAA Compliant:
Our staff, equipment, applications, and procedures are HIPAA compliant. All medical answering service operators and virtual receptionists receive 80 hours of training followed by ongoing training. We will complete a Business Associate Agreement with you to comply with regulations. All personal health information (PHI) will be protected in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.


Medical answering service operators answer calls, take messages, and dispatch messages 24/7 every day
Full Time Answering Service

Experience the value of live telephone answering for your healthcare organization. As a 24/7 service, we will answer calls around the clock with your medical office’s personalized greeting so you will never miss another call during lunch hours, after hours, on weekends and holidays, or during times of high call volume.

After hours medical answering service enables your medical practice to extend its hours so you receive every patient's call
After Hours & Overflow

It’s simply a fact: traditional receptionists cannot answer every call. Use an overflow medical answering service to extend your capacity during busy times. Whether calling in to cancel an appointment or relay an emergency, your patients need a live answer even when your office closes. Offer top-notch customer support with these indispensable services.

Use our secure messaging app to send and receive encrypted messages with a smartphone. Be HIPAA compliant.
Secure Messaging

Instantly send and receive secure messages with smartphones using our medical secure messaging application. The app sends encrypted messages to its own inbox, separating important messages from text messages and emails. Persistent alerts guarantee delivery. Try the very best HIPAA compliant pager replacement application on the market.

Set shifts for your on call personnel on a web-based application so our agents deliver messages to the right doctors every time.
Web On-Call Management

Manage your on call personnel with a powerful web application designed especially for medical facilities. Using our Web OnCall Scheduler, you can easily designate who is on call from anywhere with an Internet connection, instantly alerting our medical answering service operators who to contact when the need to dispatch a message arises.

Urgent medical messages will be dispatched to whoever is on-call however they want to receive the message.
Urgent Message Dispatch

We record a message ticket for every call. When a call meets your requirement to be dispatched, the message will be delivered to your on call personnel via any number of contact methods: live call out, text message, pager, email, or through our secure messaging smartphone app. Dispatch messages the way you prefer. You’re in total control.

Use Automated Services such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to automate tasks and realize cost savings.
Automated Services

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a cost-effective automated call handling solution that interacts with your callers via voice commands or keypad input. Leverage this powerful technology to handle tasks that can be automated to reduce your expenses. If further assistance is required, a caller can revert to a live, knowledgeable operator at any time.

Our operators are your medical answering service virtual receptionists.  Unlike traditional receptionists, ours are available 24x7x365.
Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist handles all the duties of a traditional receptionist at a fraction of the cost and without all the headaches. Don’t pay salary and benefits to an employee who might take long lunch breaks, call in sick, or fail to handle many calls at once. Extend your medical practice's office hours beyond 9-5. Messaging taking, dispatching, and more—invaluable live medical answering services 24/7 every day.

The bread and butter of medical answering service is taking messages from callers and dispatching them to your on-call personnel.
Message Taking

A medical answering service receptionist will promptly answer every inbound call as if he or she were working right out of your office. As a seamless extension of your facility, the medical operator will answer the caller with your customized greeting, take the message, and either dispatch the message to your on call personnel, if protocol dictates, or email it to you as part of the free daily management report.

The Perfect Answer. Every time.

We will answer both your overflow and calls that arrive after hours, during weekends, or on holidays; whenever you can’t answer the telephone, our medical answering service is available to promptly and efficiently process live calls and deliver messages to your on-call medical staff. As healthcare professionals, you can’t afford to miss a single patient’s call. Emergencies often strike after your office hours, so our operators are standing vigilant on your behalf—twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week—ready to professionally handle urgent calls even when you aren’t available. Let us answer for you!

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