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Answering Innovations offers a wide variety of answering services, each of which can be customized to meet your needs.

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Answering Service for Funeral Homes, Plumbers, Lawyers, HVAC, Healthcare, Property Management, Small Businesses & more.

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A team of live answering service agents available 24/7 for your business.

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Legal Answering Services:

  • Corporate Law Answering Service
  • Criminal Law Answering Service
  • Divorce Lawyers Answering Service
  • Family Law Answering Service
  • Personal Injury Answering Service
  • Small Practice Answering Service

Telephone Answering Service for Lawyers

Legal Answering Service Starting at $5 per week

Answering Innovations offers professional and customizable live telephone answering services for lawyers. Our call center is large enough to service the largest law firms and small enough to cater to a solo law practice's every need. Attract new clients by capitalizing on every call and retain a large referral base with our professional call handling.

Key Benefits of a Legal Answering Service
Never Miss Another Call:
Our answering service operators are available to answer telephone calls 24x7x365. Don't worry if you're in a meeting, in court, or out to lunch—when you can’t answer the phone, we will answer for you.
Reduce Hold Times & Abandonment Rates:
The last thing your clients want is to be put on hold. Keeping clients on hold damages your brand and leads them to another lawyer. Let us help you eliminate lengthy hold times and reduce the risk that your clients hang up—and take their business elsewhere.
Grow Your Law Practice:
Choose an answering service to answer your calls so that you never miss another inbound call or a chance to acquire new clients. Available at all hours of the day, on weekdays, weekends, and holidays, our answering service will help you capitalize on every opportunity to land new clients.
Save Money:
Instead of hiring and paying benefits for a receptionist to handle your calls, consider our answering service to answer your phone calls. Rather than taking on the expense of additional employees who may not even be able to answer every call (after hours or during lunch, for instance), scale up the smart way as your law practice grows and choose an answering service.
Build your brand:
Answering Innovations operators will promptly answer your clients’ calls with a personalized greeting as if we were answering straight from your office. As a live call telephone answering service, we are ready to act as an extension of your office every hour of every day. By answering every call in a consistently professional manner, your law practice will project a winning image sure to impress your clients and strengthen your brand.

Limited Time Pricing
For a limited time only, save nearly 25%* over our regular rates with this promotional offer designed specially for lawyers. To redeem this offer, simply contact us through the form on the right hand side of this page or click the Start Today button below to contact our sales staff. Alternatively, feel free to email us or call 800-777-1564 and don't forget to mention this promotion. This deal won't last long, so contact us today to secure this special promotional rate.


*Based on 100 minutes of usage with our Bronze Package.

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