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Answering Innovations offers a wide variety of answering services, each of which can be customized to meet your needs.

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Answering Service for Funeral Homes, Plumbers, Lawyers, HVAC, Healthcare, Property Management, Small Businesses & more.

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A team of live answering service agents available 24/7 for your business.

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Dentist Answering Service

Live Phone Answering and Virtual Receptionist Service for Dental Offices

Dental Answering Service: Live telephone answering for dentists and dental offices.

Answering Innovations is a fully HITECH and HIPAA compliant dentist answering service with decades of experience serving dental offices and medical facilities. Your patients expect the utmost professionalism and highest quality dental care when they are in your hands. Establish this expectation of excellent service the very first time they call your office and don’t make the wrong impression by letting patient calls go to voicemail or, worse, unanswered. Considering more than 75% of callers won’t leave a message on voicemail, you need a live dentist answering service available 24/7 to ensure you capitalize on every call and maximize patient satisfaction.

Answering Innovations. The Perfect Receptionist.

Imagine hiring the perfect receptionist for your dental office, one who can answer any number of simultaneous inbound patient calls. This receptionist doesn’t mind extending your dental office hours by working on holidays, weekends, and through the wee hours of the night. The perfect receptionist for dentists never sleeps, takes lunch breaks, arrives late, gets sick, or goes on vacation. You can forget about paying for retirement and health benefits, too.

What about all that dead time between patient calls when a traditional dental receptionist would be earning salary (and wasting your money) while twiddling his or her thumbs? That won’t cost you a penny because the perfect receptionist only charges you for the time it takes to manage your phone calls.

Answering Innovations’ award-winning dental answering service agents can do it all to assist your patients. Acting as your virtual receptionist, a team of HIPAA trained operators at our medical answering service will act as a seamless extension of your dental office for a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

Messages Delivered the Way You Want Them.

Our answering service takes messages and dispatches them any way you want.Answering Innovations offers numerous ways to receive the messages our telephone answering experts take on your behalf. Choose to receive your messages via email, text message, pager, or fax. If you take advantage of our HIPAA compliant secure messaging app we will instantly and securely send messages straight to an app installed on your smartphone; these encrypted messages are stored separately from everyday emails and text messages eliminating clutter and keeping all correspondence between your patients and our dental answering service stored in one convenient place.

For urgent calls requiring immediate action, dentist answering service operators will immediately warm transfer or patch the phone call directly to your on-call doctor. You set the protocol that defines what constitutes an urgent call during account setup. You have access to our powerful, web-based on-call scheduler so you can set or change hours for your on-call personnel in real time from anywhere with Internet access.

Let Us Answer For You!

Our answering service has decades of experience helping both small and large dental offices manage their phone answering duties. State-of-the-art technology, peerless customer support, and deep roots in the call center industry separate Answering Innovations from the rest of the pack. Make your patients smile by utilizing the professional, courteous operators at our award-winning dental answering service. Call 800-777-1564 and let us answer for you!

Key Benefits of a Dentist Answering Service

Save on Labor:
Why spend over $30,000 (not including benefits) on a traditional receptionist when for a fraction of the cost you can use a dentist answering service that is available 24x7, never takes a lunch break, never goes on vacation, and is available after hours, on weekends, or whenever you need telephone answering assistance? Always available, we're your dental virtual receptionist with a very real savings benefit.
Keep Your Dental Office Open 24/7/365:
Utilize a telephone answering service or inbound call center and your patients will always reach a live voice no matter when they call. Never let a call go to voicemail. Provide patients premium customer service by using our award-winning 24/7 live telephone answering service.
HITECH and HIPAA Compliant:Secure Messaging Answering Service App
Every member of our answering service staff, operators and management, receives ongoing training to ensure compliance with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. Don't send patient health information (PHI) via the insecure channel of SMS text messaging. Instead, use our HIPAA compliant secure messaging smartphone app to avoid text messaging, replace expensive pagers, and facilitate instant and secure two-way communication.
Start Small:
Try our dentist answering service on a month by month basis to answer your overflow or after hours calls at first. When you realize the savings and benefits of a virtual receptionist service over a traditional receptionist, we will be happy to answer your telephones on an expanded or full-time basis.

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