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Live Telephone Answering Service

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Answering Service

Answering Innovations offers a wide variety of answering services, each of which can be customized to meet your needs.

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Answering Service for Funeral Homes, Plumbers, Lawyers, HVAC, Healthcare, Property Management, Small Businesses & more.

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Plans & Pricing

A team of live answering service agents available 24/7 for your business.

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Inbound Call Center Services


Dedicated agents handle your inbound call center service needs
Dedicated Agents

Dedicated call center agents are trained to work exclusively for your business. Armed with expert knowledge of your business, your team of dedicated agents is always available to answer your calls and provide premium customer service for your business.

Your 24/7 customer support answering service
Customer Support

To grow your business you need to acquire new customers, sure, but you must also retain current customers by providing unparalleled customer support. A staff of dedicated call center agents available 24/7 will be your key advantage over the competition.

Inbound call center services include order taking managment to maximize your business sales
Order Taking Management

Increase your e-commerce sales by utilizing our order entry specialists. Agents can process orders through your web-based shopping cart or via an electronic order form. They will guide customers through the order taking process offering assistance as needed.

Dedicated agents at our inbound call center provide exceptionial technical support for your business
Technical Support

Dedicated tech support agents are specially trained to know your business and your products inside and out. Whether you need after hours support or 24/7 coverage, tech support agents are always available to help troubleshoot technical support questions for your business.

You need an inbound call center and telephone answering service to handle your business customer inquiries, complaints, and provide help desk services
Help Desk

When customers call your business for help, our call center agents will answer with your personalized greeting—as a seamless extension of your business—and help resolve inquiries or complaints. This 24/7 service is a valuable feature your business needs.

Call center agents conduct surveys to improve your business' marketing efforts

While your customers are on the telephone, call center agents can conduct quick surveys to collect information that could prove vital in your business’ marketing efforts. Glean insight from your customers to increase revenues and offer the best customer service in your industry.

A team of dedicate call center agents is available 24/7 to handle your direct response advertising campaigns
Direct Response

When your business conducts a direct response advertising campaign you can expect a surge in call volume. Will you be prepared? Be ready to answer and capitalize on every lead generated or risk wasting money. Maximize your ROI by choosing a 24/7 live telephone answering service.

Telephone answering service and call center agents can upsell and cross-sell your products and services.
Cross-sell & Upsell

In addition to handling all of your order taking needs, our call center order entry specialists can nudge your customers toward other products or services your business provides. Maximize revenue per customer by enticing customers to upgrade their purchase or order related products.

Our telephone answering service will take your calls and send you pre-qualified leads tailor made for your salespeople.
Lead Generation

Let our answering service agents answer your calls and generate leads for your business. With customized scripts, agents can determine which leads are pre-qualified and sales ready so your business can focus on closing leads, improving conversion rates, and making money.

Our inbound call center can manage your business' product recall campaign.
Product Recalls

Our call center has experience helping businesses cope when product recalls happen. Agents will gather and relay information about your product recall, facilitating two-way communication to ensure customers you care, and assist your business every step of the way through the product recall process.

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